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Very good bakery, a bit on the expensive side but 2 or 3 levels highers than Paul as, unlike Paul, nothing is made from frozen products. The Millefeuilles are light and crispy as they ought to be.…

The Sushi Bar
Very expensive for what it is plus the rice is not perfect which I would expect considering the bill. Hanabi in Prague 1 is a better choice: perfect rice, feels more Japanese, much cheaper.

Cafe Savoy - Mala Strana -Praha 5
My favorite place in Prague.

Hospoda Prdek
Very basic pub. Really very basic.

THE NAIL SHOP - Nehtové studio
My wife's favourite...

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Ristorante Pagana
Vladislavova 17, Praha 1, 11000
Velký Vinograf
Senovážné nám. 23, Praha 1, 11000

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Nepomucká 418, Plzeň, 32600
0 1
Restaurace u…
Resslova 1939/7, Praha 2, 0
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Velký Vinograf
Senovážné nám. 23, Praha 1, 11000
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